About Us

About Us

Chudworth was founded in 2014 by Daniel Barnes. At the time, the main focus was electronic access control and surveillance for industrial enterprises. As the list of clients grew and diversified, so too did the services offered.

First we expanded into PC repair, then into a permanent repair location, then into repair and retail in 2016. Today we're proud to offer repairs on all makes and models of PCs, laptops, servers, and mobile devices as well as everything from point of sales systems to cloud-based hosting services. Our clients range from individuals looking for a great gaming PC to convenience stores to large industrial operations, and every one of them is treated with the same degree of care and respect. We don't just want your technology to work, we want it to work for you.

April 2018 marked the opening of our field office in the Burin Peninsula, with a technician stationed in Marystown to provide technological support to the area.

In May of 2018, Chudworth acquired the Newfoundland branch of Maritect Security & Investigation, significantly expanding our team, capacity, and services. This expansion allowed us to provide a whole new range of service to our existing clients as well as the clients of Maritect itself.

Although the scope of our work has changed, the values that underscore it haven't. Our team is passionate about equality, inclusivity, and community. We are all committed to helping to improve our shared world through compassion and respect. These values guide us in how we interact with our clients and the world at large.

If you'd like to know more about Chudworth, please feel free to take a look at our FaceBook Page or our Twitter Feed.