Privacy Policy

Our industry is safety, so we take privacy seriously. We do not collect or store any personally identifying information via this website or Lugh, our online tip reporting tool. Any and all information provided to Chudworth is treated as absolutely confidential and provided to nobody unless it contains an imminent threat of harm to oneself or another. If information is relevant to an investigation which is being forwarded to law enforcement, any potentially identifying information relating to the submitter will be removed unless the submitter has provided explicit permission to have it included.

Personally identifying information included in the performance of regular services (work orders, alarm information, etc), while retained, is never used or sold for any purpose – marketing or otherwise. If you have provided your contact information to Chudworth, we will only ever use it to contact you directly regarding your products and services (e.g. notification of a security upgrade, invoicing, etc).

If you have any questions about our commitment to privacy, please contact us via either the form on our main page or Lugh.