Security & Automation

IP Camera Surveillance

Surveillance has changed in the last decade. Once restricted to analog cameras running on coaxial cable to video recorders, the new generation of networked digital cameras has revolutionized the way we look at the world. We specialize in sales and support of IP-based surveillance technology for everything from small business to large industrial applications.

Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control is the new standard for securing facilities. Rather than being tied to physical keys whose loss necessitates an expensive rekeying of the site, electronic access control grants the user the ability to add or remove access any time they like, set schedules for locking and unlocking, and keep detailed audit logs of who accessed what areas and when. Advances in the technology of access control now allow us to design and install systems as small as single-door standalone units for remote buildings to full industrial complexes with hundreds of doors, thousands of users, and an unlimited number of combinations of schedules and permissions.

Chudworth Technology Solutions also provides a full line of biometric authentication devices; rather than simply using a card that could be picked up and presented by anyone, you now have the option to request facial recognition, fingerprints, cards, pin numbers, or any combination thereof. Properly securing your site is now easier than ever before.

Security & Automation

Chudworth is extremely proud to be a dealer of's range of security and automation devices. Thanks to advances in technology, you are now able to control your home or business from the palm of your hand. Check out our Dealer Page to get started!