Hosting Services

Web & Email Hosting

In today's world it's hard to overstate the importance of an online presence, whether you're a home business or a large industry. Chudworth can help you create your platform with complete, full-featured web and email hosting. Whether you want to manage your site yourself, have it fully designed and implemented for you, or anything in between, we have the right package for you. All our web hosting packages come with a free SSL certificate for your site so your clients can browse securely.

Remote Monitoring

Imagine if, instead of waiting for a hardware failure and then calling your IT support, your support could be notified before you even notice the problem. Chudworth's Active Monitoring Platform does just that. Data on the health of your machine is constantly checked by a central server that alerts our technicians in the event of a failure or performance degredation. This data also functions as preventative maintenance, as many issues present symptoms that the central monitoring software notices before a user would.

VPN Servers

If you ever work remotely, you know the pain of not having access to resources stored on your internal network at home base. A VPN ("Virtual Private Network") is the solution. We can craft a software solution that will allow your remote machine(s) to function as though they're still attached to the internal network, all secured with 256-bit AES encryption. This subscription-based service doesn't require any changes to your internet connection or existing network hardware. If both sides have an internet connection, we can make it work.